Our Story


“The exam is mandatory but stressing out about it does not have to be.”

Ethan Cohen, Co-Founder

Who We Are

Cohen Bar Review is a Los Angeles based California Bar Exam tutoring service that offers a personalized approach to tackle the written essay portion of the California Bar Exam. Our service provides students with tailored essay writing review, subject outlines and cheatsheets, and private 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. Cohen Bar Review is run by two dedicated tutors, who have graded over 4000 practice essays combined. We have mentored several individuals, including first through third year law school students, first time bar takers, and repeat bar-exam takers.

If you have questions about our qualifications or experience, contact us by email or telephone.

What We Do

Our goal is to provide students with affordable and efficient bar exam preparation services. Our tutors' tailored approach gives examinees critical insight on proper organization, how to improve essay writing skills on all subjects, as well as a strong understanding on how to pass the bar.

Cohen Bar Review’s series of packages suits test-takers of different needs. From detailed essay analysis and grading, to one-on-one private or virtual tutoring, we will tailor the right program to suit your needs and budget.